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The Synchronized Retail Supply Chain

Connected by AI and powered by a single, dynamic demand forecast

In the face of multiple selling channels, supply and labor shortages, growing competition and the ever-increasing power of consumers, the simple act of sending products to the shelf is fraught with risk and complication. The extreme market volatility has starkly revealed the weaknesses of the traditional linear supply chain.

The good news is that Blue Yonder’s advanced artificial intelligence (AI) can help retailers define strategic goals and achieve them quickly and autonomously, no matter the level of supply chain volatility or complexity.

  • Welcome to the synchronized supply chain

    Coordinate the entire retail supply chain and optimize outcomes.

    This eBook looks at why a traditional “unified” approach might improve your current operational model but won’t deliver sustainable speed, resilience and agility. Learn how a synchronized supply chain, built around AI-enabled processes that positions the entire retail supply chain can sense changes and rapidly pivot, to optimize your business outcomes.

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  • Blue Yonder connects core retail processes and improves results

    The Power of a Synchronized Approach: Synchronizing your supply chain around data, user experience and demand

    Blue Yonder AI treats replenishment, allocation, category management, pricing and execution as a synchronized workflow, rather than sequential and siloed processes.

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Dig Deeper into Retail Solutions

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    Demand Planning

    Boost customer service with less inventory

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  • BlueYonder-TheSynchronizedSupplyChain-640x640-IconOnly-Allocation-Replenishment-V1.png

    Allocation & Replenishment

    Execute assortments with current local demand

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  • BlueYonder-TheSynchronizedSupplyChain-640x640-IconOnly-AssortmentManagement-V1.png

    Assortment Management

    Simplify complex assortment processes to increase customer satisfaction and profits

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  • BlueYonder-TheSynchronizedSupplyChain-640x640-IconOnly-LifecyclePricing-V1.png

    Lifecycle Pricing

    Optimise pricing with precision, intelligence and automation

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Discover how leading retailers are driving significant and measurable improvements with connected retail processes

  • bonprix
    • bon prix-resized.jpg
    • bonprix Strategically Steers Pricing During Pandemic

      “Rather than engaging in ‘price war’” and high discount promotions on their whole assortment, “Blue Yonder’s Lifecycle Pricing reacts fast to the highly volatile demand fluctuations of our clients in the current situation.“

      VP Merchandise Controlling/ Projects & Systems, bonprix

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  • Alnatura
    • Alnatura Grows Revenue via Optimal Product Placement

      “We chose Blue Yonder because customer centricity is a key driver for our daily operation and business. We have now established a process to support the local needs of shoppers, while improving our planogram planning efficiency and increasing store adoption of planograms by 30%.’’

      Category Manager, Alnatura

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  • Marks & Spencer
    • M&S-resized.jpg
    • Marks & Spencer Maximises Agility via Cloud-Based Planning

      “Accessing cloud-based Luminate Planning capabilities helps us increase the speed of our supply chain to be more agile, ultimately better serving our customers online and in-store.’’

      Head of Technology, M&S

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  • Wilko
    • Wilko Meets Local Shopper Needs and Drives Profits with Blue Yonder

      ‘’Blue Yonder space and floor planning solutions have helped wilko better understand our shoppers’ needs at a very local, granular, and precise level that goes well beyond aggregated market data. Instead of just putting products on the shelf, we are acting analytically and strategically to grow sales and meet shopper demand.”

      Senior Strategic Space Planner, Wilko

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