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SaaS Transformation Assessment:

Advance towards the next level of business excellence!

It’s time to stop considering your solution upgrade cycle as a technical refresh and time to start considering the business opportunities and advantages the Blue Yonder SaaS solution can offer. A SaaS Transformation Assessment by Blue Yonder will help to protect the investment in your solution to ensure continued adoption and enable business improvement. Establish your goals for the next phase of your Supply Chain Planning journey by understanding the business needs of your company.

  • Utilize best practices and technology improvements to deliver flexibility and agility so critical to surviving, and indeed thriving, in the digital age.
  • Partner with Blue Yonder to chart your upgrade path for optimal results.

Over a 2-week period Process, Solution and Technical experts from Blue Yonder will work with you to assess and chart out your Journey to SaaS.

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    • Discovery Sessions
    • Business process assessment
    • As-is review
  • 22-MK-0568-Icon1.png

    • Identify value leakages
    • Improvement opp. identification
    • Build future vision
  • 22-MK-0568-Icon1.png

    • Prioritize & define roadmap
    • Benefit drivers, ROI analysis
  • 22-MK-0568-Icon1.png

    • Assessment report
    • Migration Journey Map
    • Implementation proposal

Get started on a smooth, frictionless Blue Yonder solution transformation.

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