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Align with Demand, Automate for Efficiency,
Respond to Uncertainty

Self-Orchestrated Replenishment

Keeping shelves stocked is becoming increasingly difficult for retailers. With shortages and unforeseen circumstances putting pressure on retailers’ ability to ensure shelves are stocked, keeping on top of even the most basic supplies is challenging. So how do you build a resilient demand forecast that understands uncertainty?

Blue Yonder’s superior AI-enabled, automated, self-learning solutions helps retailers embrace uncertainty in demand forecasting with a unique and accurate approach that intuitively understands what factors drive shopper behaviour. The powerful capabilities can help you drive highly automated replenishment processes, designed to deliver self-orchestrating speed and accuracy in all of your decisions.

  • Deliver Informed, Executable Decisions at Speed

    This guide explains how grocers like you can intelligently forecast demand and make informed decisions around replenishment, enabling you to increase profits, reduce costs such as wastage and distribution charges, improve collaboration and enhance visibility among interconnected supply chain functions at the same time increasing productivity by delivering executable decisions at great speed.

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The Blue Yonder Difference
Aligning Customer Demand to Strategy

Optimise the end-to-end supply chain holistically, intuitively understanding inventory movements and aligning these to your customer demand and strategic objectives.

  • Intelligence

    Class leading AI that understands what influences your customer demand

  • Holistic Outcome

    Trade off outcomes at each inventory location to deliver strategic decisions across your supply chain with executable automation

  • Repeatable Value

    Proven proprietary AI engine generating continual value

  • User Experience

    Glassbox UI provides transparency and trust for inventory movement decisions

Blue Yonder Delivers Measurable Benefits

  • The Connected Journey to Optimised Replenishment

    Smart replenishment allows retailers to gain visibility, identify opportunities and risks and take the optimal decision, offering rich insights into the many varied, interrelated factors that drive customer demand.  Here we take you on a journey to optimised replenishment.

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  • Highly Automated and Accurate Replenishment

    Grocery retailers need no longer be hindered by time-consuming manual processes or a lack of visibility which often results in lost sales, excess inventory, and unnecessary waste. Blue Yonder's powerful AI algorithms drive highly automated and accurate replenishment processes aligned to category strategy, building meaningful human-machine interactions into operations.

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Check out the resources below to learn how you can take measures to tackle your current and future demand challenges using Blue Yonder’s connected AI-powered, SaaS-optimized, end-to-end grocery supply chain platform solutions.

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