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  • Here are the Omnichannel Experience Retail Leaders


Download Omnichannel Experience Index Report

As part of its 2023 Omnichannel Experience Index, Incisiv assessed 115 retailers across 7 different industry sub-segments. The results of their research is provided in the report along with key findings surrounding consumer expectations for retailers:

  • In the past year, 48% of shoppers have tried a new brand because their preferred one did not have stock.
  • 30% of shoppers switch stores if their preferred product is not available and 70% will switch brands.
  • More than 70% of shoppers cite convenience and order visibility as the #1 factor for shopping online.
  • 56% of shoppers have abandoned their carts due to concerns about delivery time.

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To download the report click here.

  • 46% of shoppers check stock availability online before visiting a store to make the purchase.

    Inventory visibility is a must for customer retention. It is no longer good enough for retailers to offer shoppers an expanded online assortment through one inventory view and endless aisle strategies. Shoppers want to know exactly what products and services are available to them in the context of their needs.


65% of shoppers expect the promised delivery time to be met.

Omnichannel fulfillment from digital revolution to operational evolution. Retailers with mature fulfillment capabilities pre-pandemic saw > 150% growth in digital sales. Retailers that lagged were forced into action and introduced new experiences, such as BOPIS and curbside pickup, in record time. Offering a complete flywheel of online and store-based fulfillment is now table stakes.

Blue Yonder Capabilities

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    Real-time Inventory Availability

    From click to collect, get real-time visibility and actionable insights to source, promise and fulfill orders all while delivering a differentiated shopping experience.

  • 22-MK-0682-Icon-2.png

    Omni-Channel Fulfillment

    Deliver the right product, at the right price and time, to the customers’ channel of choice with the ability to orchestrate the pick, pack and ship process and fulfill customer orders.

  • 22-MK-0366-icon_digital_transformation.png

    Digital Fulfillment

    Cloud-native services to enable operations to manage inventory and resources, fulfilling customer orders in the most efficient manner.

  • 22-MK-0067-Store-icon.png

    Store Operations

    Merchandise planning, lifecycle pricing, workforce management and store execution capabilities with sub-vertical precision optimizing planning and operations.

Blue Yonder Benefits

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    Gain Real-time Availability

    Improve customer engagement and e-commerce conversion rates with real-time, location and enterprise level inventory availability data.

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    Keep and Deliver Promises

    Provide accurate product availability and order promises to meet customer expectations each and every time.

  • 22-MK-0363 Visibility Icon.png

    Increase Order Visibility

    Deliver transparency from browse to order to fulfillment so your customer always knows their order status.

  • 21-MK-1352 Box Icon.png

    Deliver Personalized Experiences

    Make recommendations and deliver the right product, at the right time, through the customer’s channel of choice.

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    Optimize Fulfillment

    Fulfill orders profitably and efficiently across your network based on cost, product selection, distance and more.

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    Improve Time to Value

    Leverage scalable, augmentative microservices that can be deployed in a matter of months to rapidly address business issues.