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Adaptive Fulfillment & Warehousing

For Micro-Fulfillment Centers & Store Fulfillment

Enable your Micro-fulfillment Centers to Meet Rapid Delivery Demands

Explosive growth of e-commerce is driving logistics professional across industries to adapt their supply chains to support broader range of logistics capabilities. This means locating micro-fulfillment centers and dark stores and pop-up DCs closer to customers to meet rapid delivery demands and for retailers to adapt to meet requirements such as BOPIS, curbside pickup and ship from store.

Read the eBook, “Adapting Fulfillment to the Customer” to learn about the challenges and opportunities being created as fulfillment moves closer to the customer and the role technology plays to delivering real-time visibility and adaptability in these supply chain nodes.

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Adaptive Fulfillment & Warehousing

Solution Capabilities

Are you challenged to adapt your supply chain to meet the changing needs of your customers? With Adaptive Fulfillment and Warehousing, you have a next generation SaaS solution at your fingertips to handle the unique requirements of last mile fulfillment.

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    Leverage foundational WMS capabilities

    to meet the needs of micro-fulfillment and store operations

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    Simplify staff onboarding

    with intuitive, consistent mobile interfaces

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    Configure personalized mobile workflow

    to align with operational processes

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    Maintain high inventory accuracy

    with speed and efficiency


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