Luminate Planning

The industry’s most powerful, intelligent end-to-end supply chain solution that your customers – and teams – will love.

Today’s supply chains are facing a new era of uncertainty.

That’s why Luminate Planning moves beyond “read and react” supply chain management, with the intelligence to sense, predict, and pivot using real-time information from suppliers, factories, distributors, retailers, customers, and even news, events and weather. It’s boundaryless, always-on planning capability bridges organizational silos as well as planning gaps between the short term S&OE horizon and longer-term S&OP horizon. Now you can recognize potential problems and opportunities before they impact your business, get machine learning-based recommendations for action, and pivot your plan in advance, minimizing risk and delivering with confidence- even in the new normal.

  • Predict and PivotLuminate Planning helps you predict disruptions and proactively pivot your response, with powerful Sales and Operations Execution (S&OE) capabilities to keep your plan on track- reducing inventory and lead times while improving customer service.

  • Boundaryless PlanningLuminate Planning bridges time and organizational silos, closing the gaps between demand and supply planning, the upstream and downstream supply chain, and S&OP and S&OE. Your supply chain becomes an always-on, boundaryless closed loop that is more intelligent, responsive and agile.

  • The Luminate User ExperienceYour Luminate Experience is fully workflow driven- where users can easily create situation rooms, collaborate, gain visibility and orchestration end-to-end, see potential disruptions and opportunities, and gain machine learning-based advice on appropriate actions.

  • Integrated Planning & ExecutionWith Luminate Planning, companies can achieve better control of their operations and supply chain, ensuring end-to-end visibility of their inventory and labor, minimizing risk and delivering with confidence.

  • Cognitive Planning SkillsCognitive planning skills provide more accurate forecasts, stock out predictions, segmentation, and exception prioritization. Your workforce finally has a machine learning-powered planning solution with the built-in visibility, intelligence, and context to enable fast and effective action.

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