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Order Management Solutions for Wholesale Distribution

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Consumerization, M&A, disintermediation, new market entrants, evolving fulfillment models, and an industry-wide move to digital transformation are forces upending the landscape for the wholesale distribution business.

There’s Good News

Technology can enable your business to reduce margin pressures, optimize operations for profitability, and improve how you serve your customers. A purpose-built approach to inventory availability, allocation, orchestration, and fulfillment can help you address modern customer needs and alleviate the shortcomings of your legacy systems and manual processes. You don’t need to solve every problem at once. Our augmentative approach that allows you to start with the biggest challenges and evolve at the pace right for you.

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Your ERP Is Not Meant for Today’s Order Management Needs

When an ERP is used to manage orders, it entails major customizations and costly upgrades, leading to a rigid, immobile solution. This expensive and difficult-to-maintain technology does not have the capabilities you need. In addition, adding new capabilities as the market evolves gets more difficult when what you really need is a flexible and agile solution.

Relying on an ERP is Risky:

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Be the Disruptor

  • Accelerate Digital Transformation
    • Augment existing tech stack with microservices
    • Speed inbound and outbound order processing
    • Eliminate manual processes and unnecessary errors
  • Compete on Service
    • Accurately promise inventory and meet every fulfillment commitment
    • Operationalize new channels quickly
    • Orchestrate orders across transition states
  • Optimize Operations for Profitability
    • Accurately forecast labor, resources, and inventory needs across nodes and network
    • Optimize order sourcing, consolidation, and shipments
    • Automate manual processes from substitutions to approvals to order creation

Transform Your Business with Order Management Microservices

  • Augment & Transform
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    • Augment & Transform

      Flexibility to support immediate needs through easy to deploy modules enabling rapid time to value. Microservice solutions augment your current systems so you can deploy the capabilities you need now.

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  • Inventory & Allocation
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    • Complete Real-time Inventory Visibility Across Your Networks

      Always know the inventory you have available to promise – by channels, time phase, and across the network with location and proximity-based availability. Powered by the latest artificial intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML) you can allocate and make commitments to deliver based on real-time reservations and segmentation – no matter how dynamic

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  • Visibility & Intelligence
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    • Visibility & Intelligence

      Built in AI/ML optimization, predictive insights, and analytics enable advanced decisioning for inventory and allocation, intelligent order services, and flexible order fulfillment. Improve the percentage of perfect orders with end-to-end visibility into order fulfillment and generate actionable insights and predict potential issues that may impact order delivery.

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Blue Yonder’s OMS Delivers Real Results

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