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The future of warehousing and logistics

Customer-centric logistics that adapt as disruptions occur

Transform your warehouse capabilities

From realizing true omni-channel capabilities to taking your operations to the next level in order to address high levels of fluctuations and disruptions, there are tremendous opportunities to achieve operational excellence and gain a competitive advantage. Current environmental disruptions have accelerated digital trends that moved them from being important changes in the way consumers behave, to being critical requirements in order to fulfill customer demand.

With digital being the new normal, your organisation now has the opportunity to gain full visibility and control of the distribution capabilities, so that every aspect of labor productivity and inventory movement can be optimized. Turn your warehouse into the foundation of your digital and business transformation strategy, in order to consistently-exceed customer expectations, achieve better profitability, and exceed your performance goals.

Discover how your warehouse can be the steppingstone to your digital transformation with Blue Yonder Warehouse Management and Labor Management.

  • Cost

    Inventory accuracy up to 99.9%
    Decrease in emergency replenishments
    up to 25%
    Labour cost reduction up to 15%
  • Control

    5%–18% productivity improvement

    2%–15% reduction in internal
    management costs
  • Carbon

    DC energy consumption possibly
    reduced by 15%
  • Create your logistics vision and expand it beyond the warehouse boundaries

    Achieve End-to-end and cross-enterprise visibility to optimise and automate your Supply Chain, starting from your Warehouse.

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  • Distribution and Logistics Redefined

    Five disruptions shaping digital transformation in distribution and logistics.

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    Watch Time: 14 minutes

    Hear how Royal FloraHolland are growing the most efficient, resilient, international supply chain. 

    Watch the video
  • Discover how DHL is accelerating their digitalisation to deliver excellence in a digital world
    Watch Time: 16 minutes

    Discover how DHL is accelerating their digitalisation to deliver excellence in a digital world

    Watch the video

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  • Supply Chain Convergence and the Warehouse of the future

    Watch the short video to discover more about Supply Chain Convergence and the Consumer-centric Logistics of the future
    Watch Time: 2 mins
    Watch the video

Industry Insight: Gartner has named Blue Yonder Leader in three Supply Chain Magic Quadrants

  • With leading solutions for transportation, logistics and integrated planning and execution, Blue Yonder is uniquely positioned to provide end-to-end visibility across the supply chain.

    • Warehouse Management Systems
    • Transportation Management Systems
    • Supply Chain Planning

    Download a copy of the Gartner Magic Quadrant Report, to learn more about Blue Yonder’s leadership position in each of these recognition areas.

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  • Automated supply chain
  • Put us to the test with a free warehouse tasking trial.

    Your real-time, future warehouse strategy is closer than you think – put it to the test, with our free, no commitment warehouse tasking offer. Discover how proven machine learning can unlock opportunities for the best resource orchestration, efficiency, and cost savings across your business.

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  • DHL Robotics Hub

    Learn about DHL’s new “plug & play” Robotics Hub Implementation with Blue Yonder and Microsoft
    Watch Time: 3 mins
    Watch the video

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Discover additional resources below to help you transform and extend your warehouse capabilities

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    Case Study

    SodaStream leveraged Blue Yonder’s warehouse mobility technology to become more efficient with order fulfillment and inventory management, reducing inventory value from $120 million to $90 million.

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  • “The warehouse and store replenishment solutions have allowed Bon Preu to establish a very clear distribution policy that has streamlined some of our purchasing processes, while achieving optimal inventory levels in our warehouses.” Chief Operations Officer, Bon Preu

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  • Hear from ROHLIG SUUS Logistics how Blue Yonder WMS helped their business growth
    Case Study, Video

    Hear from ROHLIG SUUS Logistics how Blue Yonder WMS helped their business growth

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  • Blue Yonder’s warehouse management capability helped enhance Kenco's replenishment processes by providing a new level of automation that resulted in increased productivity, improved customer service and support overall growth.

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    Case Study

    Americold has modernized its legacy warehouse environment through real-time visibility into delivery, labor management and operations to satisfy escalating customer expectations, save valuable resources and reduce overhead.

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  • Accelerate Your Efficiency, Visibility and Control with Warehouse Management
    Solution Sheet

    Accelerate Your Efficiency, Visibility and Control with Warehouse Management

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  • Case Study, Video

    Global third party logistics provider (3PL), GEODIS, utilizes warehouse labor management (WLM) from Blue Yonder to help drive their business forward and stay efficient.

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