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First-to-Last Mile Optimization

Today’s transformed world demands a transformed approach to logistics — highlighted by an end-to-end customer focus

Logistics simultaneously represents the single biggest cost center for many companies — and, increasingly, the single biggest customer service differentiator. Faced with some of the toughest market conditions and the highest customer demands, the world’s logistics teams are under incredible pressure to meet their customer needs, from the first to the last.

We’re looking at the difficulties that Logistics teams face when relying on manual processes and siloed, outdated legacy solutions and the benefits organizations are realizing through digital transformation to master the challenge of omni-channel execution.

With our decades of supply chain solution development and experience and recent research with leading brands and logistics executives, we’ve identified 6 key technologies that Logistics teams need to acquire in order to create a truly end-to-end digital supply chain.

On the site, we’ve included the results of our research and surveys, to hear how global brands are tackling digitalization, sustainability, and risk, as well as more information in our ebook, on the six key technologies and how they can help your business.

A staggering 52% of companies have increased their investment in supply chain over the year.

  • Download the 2023 Logistics Executive Survey results to see 

    • Which areas companies are investing in and what they’re hoping to achieve
    • How they’re integrating AI/ML into their supply chain, and
    • Initiatives they’re trying to overcome the difficulty of attracting and retaining talent.


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Leading brands and global logistics service providers explain how they are evolving their logistics networks to adapt to their new supply chain priorities

  • In partnership with Reuters, we spoke with leading brands Bayer Crop Science, Henkel, to understand how they are evolving their logistics networks to adapt to their new priorities and global logistics service providers DHL and Ryder System to discover how they’re assisting their customers to achieve business expansion, cost management and sustainability goals. With input from EY and Blue Yonder to understand their perspectives on the modern supply chain execution landscape.

    In the 2023, The State of Supply Chain Execution Report read their views on the best approaches to; optimizing the omni-channel experience, driving sustainability in logistics networks, and tackling risk through Supply Chain Technologies.

    Download the Report

Envision a more synchronized future with Blue Yonder

Introducing First-to-Last-Mile Optimization

  • The six advanced technologies outlined in this eBook work together to create a truly digital supply chain. They make logistics networks as seamless as possible, increase collaboration across organizations, and enable both inbound and outbound visibility and control. Logistics teams that aren’t actively investing in these capabilities are already falling behind — and they risk losing even more ground as business conditions become even more challenging.

    Download our latest eBook

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    Digital control towers

    Sense exceptions and disruptions at the earliest opportunity
  • 2305_FTLM_LP_Icons-02.png

    Intelligent decision engines

    Ingest enormous volumes of data and drive optimal resolutions
  • 2305_FTLM_LP_Icons-03.png

    Collaboration platforms

    Connect and synchronize the logistics network around a shared plan
  • 2305_FTLM_LP_Icons-04.png

    Task optimization solutions

    Ensure that all processes across the network are as efficient and accurate as possible
  • 2305_FTLM_LP_Icons-05.png

    Robotics and process automation

    Help keep service levels high, reduce costs and combat labor shortages
  • 2305_FTLM_LP_Icons-06.png

    Automated procurement

    Digitize key logistics transactions and build a strong carrier network for greater resilience

Customer Case Studies

More than 3,000 global organizations use Blue Yonder to power their digital supply chains.


Headshot-Placeholder-F 50 x 50 px.pngSaul Resnik, Chief Executive Officer, DHL Supply Chain, UK and Ireland - “the COVID-19 Pandemic has taught us about the impact of global supply chain disruptions and the impact of inventory shortages at point of distribution. Building robust supply chain planning across multiple stocking locations, with sufficient inventory levels to meet order volume demand is one aspect we have catered for.”

Clearly, with global supply chains, there are many potential disruptions whether that is weather or political challenges, which is why many logistics service providers overlay key risk data into their networks, as DHL notes, “We have built best-in-class visibility and predictive analytics tools which identify natural and socio-political disturbances globally, and the impact these will, or could, have in locations all round the world. By utilizing Resilience360 we enable our customers to constantly monitor supply chain disruptions and implement quick responses.”


Gary Allen, Vice President Supply Chain Excellence, Ryder System - “technology is the most influential disruptor in supply chain management today; and, given the seismic change it’s creating across the industry, talent management isn’t far behind. While the right technology can turn big data into actionable information, it’s critical that supply chain leaders develop or recruit talent with analytical skills and the ability to turn disruptive trends into strategic opportunities.”

Sustainability in Distribution & Logistics

    • Decrease the impact of your transportation operations

      A business that can prove its green credentials with data, is a business that can serve its customers better, and improve efficiencies and profitability whilst responsibly helping the environment.

      Our Transportation Management can help you to decrease the negative environmental impact of your transportation operations and enables you to report to your stakeholders on the responsible actions you’re taking.

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Over the coming weeks we’ll be sharing insights into how our industry-leading end-to-end solutions can help you to answer evolving logistics challenges. So look out for our emails and visit the website again to find out how Blue Yonder can help you with first to last-mile optimisation.

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