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COVID-19 Offers

“Predict & Pivot”

Minimize COVID-19 Impacts on Your Supply Chain

Respond and manage the supply chain risks associated with the COVID-19 pandemic with the following offerings:

  • 1.	COVID-19 Supply Chain Risk Response COVID-19 Supply Chain Risk Response Connects to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) live feed on the spread of COVID-19 and layers in customer demand, supply, and inventory information to provide real-time visibility and potential supply chain impacts for accurate decision-making

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  • COVID-19 Scenario Planning COVID-19
    Scenario Planning
    Allows companies to run multiple, real-time scenarios to determine changes they may need to make to their network operations and quickly adapt to ever-changing demand/supply situations

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  • Warehouse Task OrchestrationWarehouse Task
    Enables warehouses that are experiencing historic volumes improve picking strategies to advance throughput and reduce labor spend in a constrained labor and transportation environment

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  • Retail PricingRetail PricingAllows retailers to optimize pricing and promotion strategies for both in-store/in-distribution center inventory that is sitting idle due to store closures, and for a backlog of inventory coming in that will not be cycled through20 Things to Know about Coronavirus Contingency Planning

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  • Labor Optimization Labor Optimization Enables companies to better manage workforce labor schedules and gain needed visibility into their staff’s availability to see if they are available to work, swap and claim shifts and optimally distribute workforce to the locations most in demand

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Blue Yonder is committed to helping our clients minimize the impact to their global supply chains and ensuring critical supplies get to the people that need them the most, on time.
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