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  • Revolutionise Your Billing Process


Are you accurately charging for all the services you’re delivering?

We could help you save 2-4% revenue leakage.

The digital transformations being undertaken by many retail and manufacturing organizations are driving the need for faster, more agile and resilient logistics services. This, in turn, represents an opportunity and a challenge for logistics service providers (LSPs), both in terms of delivering these new requirements and of capturing these services and accurately billing their clients. It is, therefore, more important than ever, that a LSP has a flexible, scalable, and integrated solution to efficiently bill its clients for the services provided.

Introducing Blue Yonder’s latest solution, Billing Management. Designed to accurately track supply chain activities and automate invoicing, to help prevent revenue leakage. With a system that is easily integrated and configurable to existing and new customer requirements, including multi-currency, it will revolutionize your billing processes.

Allow your Logistics teams to make decisions based on accurate information, updated in real-time, and ensure they’re always getting paid accurately for the amazing work they do.

Key Features of Billing Management

A complete, flexible and powerful Logistics Billing solution, in 5 steps.

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    The solution offers extreme flexibility in aggregating data across any time horizon and combinations of information attributes

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    Comprehensive and sophisticated pricing rules can easily be configured to your customer’s specific requirements

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    Unit of Measure conversions are fully supported

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    Pricing and billing in multicurrency is supported along with Value Added Tax

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    Configurable approval workflows for invoices and tariff changes

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  • Powering Profitability for Logistic Service Providers

    With fast, accurate invoice generation, based on integrated data from various supply chains, discover how Billing Management can help you to identify 2-4% revenue leakage, improve staff productivity and elevate your customer experience.

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  • Solution Overview

    Discover the solution capabilities and benefits in our short overview guide. Learn how Billing Management can help your organisation from a margin, productivity and scale perspective.

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A Sample of Our Billing Customers

  • Silk Logistics fully automates their invoicing process to ensure faster, more accurate payments with fewer billing disputes.

    Silk Logistics replaced their slow, manual invoicing system with Billing Management, to fully automate their invoicing process and ensure faster, more accurate payments with fewer billing disputes. Using Blue Yonder’s fully integrated solutions, every week up to 500,000 billing transactions get processed and converted to invoice lines within three days, instead of weeks.’

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