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Order Promising & Allocation Planning

Fulfilling orders fast, reliably and profitably

Intelligent Order Promising for a volatile market

Steady supply and demand is a thing of the past, and customer demand has replaced supply as the primary driver of value chains. Recent events exposed major market disruptions that production adjustments alone cannot counteract. Those who anticipate market changes and intelligently manage surges and shortages will succeed.

When demand outweighs supply, prioritizing orders strategically to ensure your most profitable customers and channels are served first from constrained inventory is key. Order Promising has become a mission-critical process of any state-of-the-art supply chain and an enabler to deliver exceptional customer service. Complementing your Order Management System (OMS) with intelligent, robust order promising capabilities enables you to maximize sales and profit opportunities, optimally balance supply and demand, and ensure superior productivity. The powerful algorithms and patented logic in Blue Yonder’s Order Promising & Allocation Planning application generate accurate promise dates that align with your company’s overarching strategic objectives and customer and channel priorities while considering inventory and capacity availability.

Supply Chain Constraints in the Spotlight

See firsthand how Blue Yonder is bringing intelligence and simplicity to the day-to-day chaos you live in. From driving business outcomes like reducing inventory, reducing premium freight, increasing planner productivity, and bringing intelligent visibility to the forefront.

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  • The Digital Car: Supercomputer on Wheels

    The worldwide chip shortage is just one sign that automakers and semiconductor manufacturers need to collaborate at an entirely new level. This blog is co-authored by Salim Shaikh, Vice President – Industry Strategy, Blue Yonder, and Ehap Sabri, Managing Director, KPMG.

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Deliver on Your Customer Promise

Reliable order promises give you a competitive edge. Maximize sales and profit opportunities by connecting your Order Promising to your Planning to ensure your business strategy is executed.

  • Align your order promising policies to customer segments

  • Protect service levels for your prime customers and channels

  • Promise orders
    in real-time
    and at scale

  • Leverage ATP and CTP sources of supply

  • Commit to delivery dates with confidence

Watch Order Promiser in Action

  • Blue Yonder Order Promiser
  • Adopting a segmented promising strategy can help improve customer service levels and productivity.

    Watch this video to learn how to profitably serve different customer segments and enhance customer service levels by implementing a segmented promising strategy.

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Blue Yonder Allocation and Order Promising delivers..

  • Up to
    Reduction in inventory
  • Up to
    Improvement in productivity
  • Up to
    Reduction in expedited expenses
  • To more than
    Increase of auto scheduled orders

Impacting Top Line and Inventory Turns

A renown power and logic semiconductor company was looking to improve their customer service levels, increase their $ value turns by reducing order expedites and order changes, improve the stability in their quoted delivery due dates, and reduce order losses resulting from their limited visibility of available supply.

The semiconductor company selected Blue Yonder Order Promiser for their six manufacturing sites covering a broad portfolio of about 2,000 finished items as well as CTP bills of materials with 30,000 components and resources.

By integrating Blue Yonder’s promising solution with their existing planning and forecast system, the company has full visibility of their inventory and excess capacity at the time of order promising. Also the company is now able to promise orders with appropriation between customer tiers, and have full visibility of the consequences of order promising expedites.

By implementing Blue Yonder’s allocation and order promising solution, the power and logic semiconductor company has been able to:

  • Inventory Turns

    40% increase in inventory turns

  • Revenue

    $1 million of additional revenue per quarter

  • Revenue per Planner


  • Auto-Scheduled Orders

    15% increase in auto-scheduled orders

“From over 4,300 new requests, Blue Yonder Order Promiser matched the request date 10 percent better than the legacy system. After about 10 days, we estimate that the revenue impact was about $100,000. Order Promiser is the big Payback.”

Director Supply Chain Strategic Initiative

Global Chip Shortage OR '5 Steps to Maximize Sales & Profit Opportunities with Order Promising'

Implications of the Chip Shortage in Discrete Manufacturing

The global pandemic, digital transformation and the increasing demand for new technology has drawn all eyes to the semiconductor industry and the technology companies that make the digital world go round.

Industry Challenges

  • Semiconductors underpin the modern car’s value proposition
    As automotive is veering toward electric and autonomous vehicles, the amount of chips carmakers need is likely to increase further.
  • COVID caused an acceleration
    COVID accelerated digital transformation and the adoption of emergent technologies. Since the supply chain for car chips is particularly long and complex, extended lead times are expected to last.
  • Need for increased capacity
    Semiconductors need to increase their capacity by doing things faster through cycle time reduction, adding more people and more machines, and building square meters. They need to keep innovating to fuel the digital future.
  • Trade-off between just-in-time inventory management & contingency stock
    For the semiconductor industry and other industries where supply uncertainty drives shortages and plan changes, there’s a delicate trade-off in supply chains between just-in-time inventory management and building stock for contingencies.

In industries where demand exceeds supply, Blue Yonder Order Promiser helps manufacturers ensure their most profitable key channels and customers are allocated constrained supply to meet customer service levels profitably. Also OP can be used for contingency planning.

Industry Insights


Customers leveraging Blue Yonder Order Promiser:

  • 5 Steps to Maximize Sales & Profit Opportunities with Order Promising

    Start seeing results immediately by prioritizing orders strategically. Define allocation rules that reflect your company’s strategic business objectives and commercial goals. Learn how in ‘5 Steps to Maximize Sales & Profit Opportunities with Order Promising’.

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