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Re-imagine Retail with

Blue Yonder AI

Transforming Retail with AI Optimisation

  • As we face uncertainty and great change, now is the time for retailers to reinvent or redefine to compete and stay relevant.

    Disruption through history has been the catalyst for harnessing innovation and driving opportunity. Artificial Intelligence has emerged as the enabling technology of the moment, but AI concerns put caution in the way of progress. Discover how you can transform your business with Blue Yonder AI with insights and success stories from leading retailers below.

    • Improved retail processes which are data-driven, highly scalable, and continually optimised.
    • Increased productivity and more accurate and efficient planning, improving customer satisfaction.
    • More automated, profitable business decisions that deliver greater growth and reimagined customer experiences.
  • AI Insights

    8 Ways to Transform Retail with AI Optimisation

    What barriers stand in the way of automating retail business processes? Only the ones that you imagine.  Despite resistance from some, AI is helping retailers achieve important business goals such as improving efficiency, reducing waste, increasing profit, and delivering a more personalised customer experience – and this is happening now! If you know the potential of AI but are unsure how to get the best value for your business here are 8 insights to help you embrace AI and deliver against the AI promise.


  • Discover the Benefits of AI

    There has never been a better time to adopt AI. Retailers can use AI technology create business models that drive growth and profitability. Learn more about the benefits of AI and some retail use cases to prove the value.

    The Truth about AI

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Watch the conversation on AI optimisation

The use of AI in retail came of age in 2020, enabling those adopters to navigate the many challenges quicker and optimally. Join the conversation on how leading retailers are responding to the changes in demand and customer behaviour, and how supply chain transformation is proving a differentiator.
    • Webinar

      Transforming Retail with AI Optimisation

      In conversation with Stuart Smith
      Retail Expert & Business Advisor

    • Webinar

      How AI-enabled pricing decisions drive profits

      In conversation with Krzysztof Nitsch, COO and Lukasz Szala
      Key Projects Manager, MIG

  • Value

    Extending Business Value and Impact with Blue Yonder AI

    AI optimises your supply chain to get you ahead of the market, but not all AI is created equal. How do you cut through the AI hype and complexity to find what's right for you and your business? Learn more about how Blue Yonder AI & Machine Learning can help optimize business decisions and keep you ahead of competitors.

    Learn How

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    Mini Guide

    5 Good AI Ideas

    Cut through the hype, putting you in control of a true transformation of your business process and results.

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    Good vs Bad AI

    This short animation cuts through the hype to chart a path to artificial intelligence (AI) led transformation

  • Guide

    How Retailers use AI

    Leading retailers share how they are using AI to differentiate themselves, improve business results and profitably serve their customers by re-imagining retail with Blue Yonder AI.

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